Protecting Your Firm Against Cyber Theft

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As a CPA, your clients trust you with their most confidential information. That makes you a perfect cyber theft target.

For cyber criminals, obtaining your clients’ tax returns, Social Security numbers, employer ID
numbers, financial statements and other sensitive data is like hitting the lottery. 

While criminal activity, including hacker infiltration and stolen electronic devices, is the most common cause of data breach (37%), employee negligence (34%) and system glitches (29%) account for the rest.1

Did you know:

  • Only 15% of CPAs carry cyber liability insurance.2
  • Cloud storage services are not immune to security risks and bear no responsibility for stolen data.3
  • The average cost for a privacy breach is $188 per compromised record.4

All this adds up to the need to fully protect your data in the first place.

To learn more about the cyber risks you and your firm face and how to protect against these risks, sign up for Accounting Today’s Cyber Liability webinar.

This webinar will be led by cyber liability experts, Al Fennell III, from Aon Insurance Services and Phillip Rowan from CNA.

Featured Presenters:

Alvin Fennell III
Vice President
Business Development
Aon Insurance Services

Philip Rowan
Underwriting Consulting
CNA Insurance Company

Sponsored by:

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