On-Demand Web Seminar  Reducing Excel errors in your closing and budgeting processes

Hosted by Accounting Today

No one wants an error in a financial report. No employee wants to make an error… no manager wants to have erroneous information passed up the chain of command. Excel as an application doesn’t make errors, but the people who use it do. Although it can be easy to be complacent about spreadsheet risk, when things go bad they can go bad in a material way. So what can be practically done to reduce the likelihood of these errors? Spoiler Alert: The answer is not to get rid of your spreadsheets.

This on-demand webinar is for Controllers, Managers and power users of Excel who recognize the vulnerabilities that critical financial reporting and budgeting processes have in regards to spreadsheet errors. We explore the nature of these spreadsheet risks and how those risks can be compounded when used in conjunction with newer technology such as robotic process automation (RPA). We’ll also highlight strategies you can adopt to lower your company’s inherent risk.

Viewers will:

  • Gain awareness for spreadsheet risk within modern finance departments
  • Learn about no-cost/low-cost options for improving controls and governance
  • Understand critical success factors when moving your spreadsheets to the cloud
Craig Hattabaugh
CIMCON Software, LLC
Amy Tefft
CIMCON Software, LLC
Daniel Hood
Accounting Today

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