On-Demand Web Seminar  How to future-proof your clients for success – accounting for growing companies

Hosted by Accounting Today

As an accountant, business consultant or financial advisor, you want to provide the best products and services to your clients. But what happens when your clients start outgrowing their entry-level accounting solution? They are no longer a startup and they have grown into a second stage business. The inefficiencies start to wear on your clients when they have to manage additional applications to operate their business.

Don’t lose your client to an expensive enterprise ERP application. Join our webinar to learn how to meet the needs and bring more efficiencies to your clients with a cloud based accounting system developed specifically for growing companies. Topics include working with multiple companies, managing revenue recognition and contract billing situations. Accountants working with companies of more than 25 employees should attend to see how they can bring more value to their clients.

John Silvani
President & CEO
Gravity Software
Daniel Hood
Accounting Today

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