On-Demand Web Seminar  ASC 842: Top 5 lessons learned from real world projects

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For most private companies, implementing the new lease accounting standards likely will be the biggest projects controllers and financial accounting teams will tackle in 2020. With most real estate and equipment leases moving onto the balance sheet, corporate leasing programs will undergo much more scrutiny from auditors and board members than ever before. Companies will need to revisit their leasing programs, potentially making significant changes to systems, processes, policies, and controls.

In this on-demand web seminar, lease accounting experts Len Neuhaus and Matt Bartley from LeaseAccelerator share best practices and real-world lessons learned from public companies that have already adopted the lease accounting standards.

Key Learnings

  • How to budget, plan, and staff your company‚Äôs lease accounting implementation of new standards to achieve day-one compliance by the deadline
  • Types of policy elections, practical expedients, and transition accounting strategies most companies are considering
  • How to take an inventory of your leases, and where to find the information your company requires to account for leases and
  • Lease accounting systems companies will need to deploy to get compliant and stay compliant, and how these systems will interact with your general ledger, accounts payable, and fixed asset applications
Len Neuhaus, CPA
VP Lease Accounting
Matt Bartley
Director, Lease Accounting Solutions
Danielle Lee
Managing Editor
Accounting Today

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